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Short story – “My Time on Earth” by Ian Creasey

ASFOCTNOV2015_finalist“My Time on Earth” by Ian Creasey is an Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine Readers’ Awards Finalist in the short story category. It was originally published in Asimov’s October-November 2015 issue. Currently, this story and most of the other finalists are available to read for free on the Readers’ Awards Finalists page at Asimov’s.

It is the story of a young girl who visits Earth with her parents, and after a ghost tour in York she has a ghostly encounter where the ghost asks her to take his “anchor” with her to her home planet so that he he can see somewhere different. Of course there is more to it than that, and the tale twists a couple of times.

A simple story, nicely told. I probably would vote for this as a winner but it was worthy, nevertheless. It is told by the girl to her friends in the dark, and she interjects into the story occasionally to make comments. A useful technique to keep in mind.

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