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Short story – “In The Bedroom” by Guy de Maupassant

Selected Short Stories by Guy de MaupassantI had decided not to mention any more Guy de Maupassant stories because there isn’t much to say about them. They are mostly perfect short stories in the sense that they are short and compact and can’t, on the whole, be summarized. However, I do intend to complete the selection in Selected Short Stories because I like to finish books and I am enjoying most of the stories immensely.

“In The Bedroom” is marvellous. A story of marital infidelity, prostitution (again), and a wife getting the upper hand. What else can I say? It is about a man who objects to his wife seeking other lovers just because he has had an affair, or affairs. She proposes to charge him to sleep with her, at the same monthly rate that he spends on average on one of his mistresses in a month.

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