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Short story – “Lockdown” by Saul Tanpepper

The Doomsday Chronicles“Lockdown” by Saul Tanpepper is a story from The Doomsday Chronicles.

A teacher is in lockdown, designed to guard against a gunman on the school grounds, with two of her children. The classroom door is locked and the blinds are drawn across the windows and they aren’t allowed to leave or make a noise.

The lockdown was triggered by a global epidemic that caused a virus to affect people very suddenly and quickly. Within hours the electricity is out, the internet is intermittent, as is phone signal, as the world falls to ruin.

A good story. It kept me on the edge of my seat and biting my nails for much of the second half. However, it was the same old end of the world story told in a different way. There are only so many original ways this kind of story can be told, but this is a good way, focusing on one main character and two or three lesser characters, one of whom is funny and entertaining. It works.

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