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Short story – “Imperfect” by David Adams

This story by David Adams, set in his Lacuna universe, is well titled. “Imperfect” is, unfortunately, far from perfect. I hesitate to say it is boring, because all I remember of it is all the proofreading errors — it reads like a first draft. This is a shame, because it detracts from an otherwise very good (so far) anthology (The Future Chronicles – Special Edition).

So I have learned that this is not the way I want to write short stories. It is all exposition, no action that I noticed, and frankly uninteresting (to me). Also, I have learned to make sure that my work is well proofread by me before I send the story off and not to expect an editor to do the work. I may be the only person who is distracted by poor editing and poor proofreading, but just in case I am not, it is best to send clean manuscripts for publishing.

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