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Short story – “Tuesdays” by Suzanne Palmer

Asimov's Science Fiction cover“Tuesdays” by Suzanne Palmer is an Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine Readers’ Awards Finalist in the short story category. It was originally published in Asimov’s March 2015 issue. Currently, this story and most of the other finalists are available to read for free on the Readers’ Awards Finalists page at Asimov’s.

Didn’t like this at first, because of the way it was constructed. There was a bit of unnecessary (in my opinion) back and forward in time, flashbacks I suppose, but once I got used to it and understood what was going on, it grew on me.

Really, it is a long joke. There is a punchline at the end that makes the whole thing worth while. Amusing throughout, competently written, good characterisation, though a little caricatured in places.

I ended up thoroughly enjoying this. An excellent piece of entertainment. I’ll be surprised if it wins the short story category award, but a worthy shortlistee.

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