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Short story – “The New Mother” by Eugene Fischer

“The New Mother” by Eugene Fischer is an Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine Readers’ Awards Finalist in the novella category. It runs to about ten thousand words and was originally published in Asimov’s April-May 2015 issue. Currently, this story and most of the other finalists are available to read for free on the Readers’ Awards Finalists page at Asimov’s.

It tells the story of Tess, a reporter putting together a story about a new disease that is becoming prevalent, that causes virgin births in infected women. The babies are genetically identical, and are therefore all girls.

The story is written in the form of the investigation of the story, interspersed with extracts from Tess’s article, and it works very well. I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me and by the end I was fully invested and wanted more.

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