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Short story – “Humanity” by Samuel Peralta

“Humanity” by Samuel Peralta was first published in The Robot Chronicles in 2015, and reprinted in The Future Chronicles – Special Edition.

A relatively short story, this is set in a nearish future, when robots and artificial intelligence are advanced enough to appear human. After a multiple vehicle crash in freezing conditions, a lorry driver attempts to save a mother and daughter, until he realises that the daughter is a robot, and therefore not worth trying to save.

A very good story, the events on the ground are interspersed with news reports about the crash. This is another good approach to telling a story, although it can be a bit annoying if it keeps on interrupting the action. In a short short story like this one, that was not a danger, but in a longer piece it may be.

“Humanity” was the last story in this anthology, so I will be moving on to something new, but at some point in the near future I will be trying out another anthology in the Future Chronicles series of books.

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