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Short story – “Green Gifts” by Nick Webb

The Future Chronicles - Special Edition“Green Gifts” by Nick Webb was first published in 2014 in The Telepath Chronicles. I read it in the collection The Future Chronicles – Special Edition.

Not normally my kind of fiction, but I enjoyed this. It is part of a larger body of work, which is probably the only downside to an anthology like this — it is basically advertising for the authors’ other works. However, that does not in any way belittle the stories in the anthology — I have mostly been impressed with the storytelling.

This is a story about either a sentient telepathic planet or sentient telepathic original occupants of a planet that has been colonized by humans from Earth. Some of the humans have a relationship or affinity with the planet (or the original inhabitants). There are three protagonists, and the story is split into three smaller stories, all with similar outcomes. I am not sure what the outcome was, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

My only criticism is that there are too many commas, or the style is too choppy, and it made it a little difficult to read.

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