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Short story – “#DontTell” by Peter Cawdron

“#DontTell” by Peter Cawdron is copyright 2014 and was first published in The Telepath Chronicles. I read it in the collection The Future Chronicles – Special Edition. Until February 29, 2016, you can get The Future Chronicles – Special Edition, or any one of a selection of free books, by signing up to Discover Sci-Fi.

This is a great story about a reporter interviewing a telepath in the run-up to a new law, the Telepathy Act, being debated by Congress that will require telepaths to register or be imprisoned. It explores the oppression of minorities by introducing a new minority that is considered a threat by the majority.

I liked this a lot. It isn’t perfect, but I don’t believe that any story or novel can be perfect. It wasn’t too long, the story was well-paced. The two main characters were well-developed and it wasn’t long after being introduced to them that I began to care about them and sympathise with them. The world-building, though slight, was thorough yet underplayed.

If I was giving ratings, I would give this one five out of five.

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