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Short story – “Chance” by Connie Willis

“Chance” by Connie Willis was first published in the May 1986 issue of Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. I read it in the collection The Legend Book of Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois and published in 1991.

This was an intriguing story, though not what I would class as science fiction. I like Connie Willis’s writing. It is difficult to understand at times, but is written in such an uncomplicated style that it can seem more straightforward than it is.

It was hard to stop reading it. Quite long, it kept my interest throughout, although I was constantly looking for the science fictional elements. I can say that at the very end there is a hint, but I can’t say more without giving the game away. Impossible to summarize, I think that makes it a perfect short story. Will bear a second and subsequent reading, I think.

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  • Jerry 2nd January 2021, 12:25 am

    I agree with your comments on “Chance.” At time it seemed like a “Ground Hog Day” movie but with things getting worse with each repeat instead of better. It did hold my attention. I guess the clue was she could never get warm.

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